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Defining the “Value” of a Home Inspection December 19, 2011

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In the current economy, it has become fashionable to define “value” as simply the lowest price among home inspectors. But doing so discounts the value of providing a high level of inspection quality, as well as qualifications, experience and service, before, during, and after the inspection. This may not be in your family’s best interest.
It’s been said many times… a new home is likely to be the largest single financial investment anyone will ever make. Why, then, would you trust that investment — both financially and in your enjoyment of it — to the lowest price and a limited definition of a home’s value?
As a certified building inspector with the Georgia Association of Home Inspectors and The American Society of Home Inspectors, we operate with a different and broader definition of value. We believe value includes a positive experience for our client and a sense of confidence and pride about a quality inspection. Value should also consist of a high level of personal service and a commitment to maintaining a relationship built on trust.
Some inspectors play the low-price game. They narrowly define value as a stripped-down home inspection to achieve a cut-rate price. The goal: make the sale and move on. They typically don’t have the qualifications or experience to respond to issues during or after the inspection.
Here’s how we define and deliver a higher level of value:
Communication: As an experienced inspector, we listen and respond to our clients’ concerns. We help them understand the conditions of their new home and seek to educate them about the complexities as the inspection takes shape. We seek to be respectful when we meet and understand that this is an emotional and sometimes stressful time.
Follow-Through: When the inspection is finished and we turn over the report to our clients’, the relationship doesn’t end. We know that it is critical to our clients’ ultimate satisfaction that we continue effective communication. When issues crop up — and they sometimes do — we respond in a timely fashion. We work the problem; we don’t pass the buck. We belong to this community. This is where we’ve chosen to raise our family and we intend to be here for years to come.
We believe our definition of value instills confidence and helps ensure satisfaction. We respect that our clients’ entrust us to deliver what we promote. It’s a responsibility we take seriously and it’s the cornerstone of what we call value.

Chris T. Curles
Chris Curles and Associates, Inc.
Inspection Services


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